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Just a few articles, buyer guides, blogs, etc. I wrote for wonderful companies.

(Film Production, Entertainment, Video Production, Culture)

The FilmDaft Quick Guide to Film Roles

The Best Cinema Cameras Under $2000 in 2021

The Best Royalty-free Gun Sounds (Free and Paid)

Mis-en-Scene Explained: An Illustrated Guide

Why Are Zombies So Popular?

How Sex Scenes are Filmed in Movies

30 Best Anime Movies of All Time (New!)

30 Best LGBT Films of All Time

(Video Production, Video Marketing)

What to Expect from VidCon 2021 This October

8 Unexpected Benefits of Working with a Production Company

What We Can Learn From Top TikTok Creators

(Music, Entertainment, Culture)

Artist Debut & Single Release: “Cool” by Molly Pop

Single & Video Release: “TenThirtyTwenty” by Slake Dransky

Mixtape Release: “Mid” by Slake Dransky

Tomorrow// A Visual Experience from Slake Dransky

9th Floor Playlist Update August 2020

9th Floor Playlist Update May 2021

(Pet, Lifestyle)

Cat We Think Look Like Wizards

540 Incredibly Clever Names to Give Your Fish

12 Times Tom Brady’s Dogs Were Adorable MVPs

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